Innovation is a powerful tool.

The restless leader shaping the market with the skin of digital marketing.

Pramod Lamba – Founder & CEO

Creative, optimistic, strategist, and a successful leader is the best combination of qualities to describe Pramod — The Founder and CEO of Bizbuzzbess. With his master’s in a wide range of skills, Pramod is successfully promoting the brands over the global field in persistence to engage and convert the users as the lead for the companies.

Highlighting the educational skills, Pramod Lamba is a Software Engineer, who completed his MCA with Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut. With his aim and goals to nurture the market with the digital service pillars, he stepped into the digital marketing field. With his consecutive serving efforts and ideas, he solemnly has 12 years of experience in the field of the Media and Technology Industry. 

With quality experience and interaction he is consistently building the brand more efficiently. His cohesive experience in marketing channels such as SEO and SEM, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and many more skills have led to the development of his high-end attributes towards digital marketing.

With his agile and versatile nature, he is adapted to the dynamic nature of the digital landscape. He believes that employees’ bonding and trust is the main core aspect of effective results. An enthusiastic environment, the roar of laughter, and a productive workpiece are the best ways to know Pramod is at work!

The intelligent investor creates brand equity with his intellectual power.

Ram Karan Walia – Chairman of Board

With his better utilization of ideas, Ram is setting the example of clear and concise investors in the market. His optimization of strategy and philosophy quality is helping him to anticipate the uncertainties of the market. With a clear understanding and planned agendas, Mr. Walia is claiming the name under the books of successful investors.

Highlighting the few from the major, Mr. Walia is a philanthropist, angel investor, and pioneer in the business world. With his successful journey of 22 years, he is emerging as one of the intelligent investors. His leading successful ventures with Relaxo, Sparx, and many more are turning out for him to be grounded with success.Mr. Walia believes that patience senses the timing of financial investments.

Along with the planner, optimiser and risk-taker, one investor must be filled with the patience to sense the stability and profitability of the stock markets. With his clear head towards the end of his goal helps him to set the successive goals for the investments.

The intellectual ideas, smiley faces, calm environment and ambitious strategy shots that Mr. Walia is heading towards one more profitable marketing.